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Who Forgot the Fish Fish Design Umbrella By Cherry Parsons Soake Auto Up/Down Telescopic White CPFWFTF

Cherry Parsons Art brings to life the fabulous seagull designs on these printed umbrellas.
Eight of Cherry Parsons Seagulls feature on this umbrella with a blue backgound.
Chip – What else do you call a seagull with a chip in its mouth? He looks “like the cat that got the cream” with that chip in his mouth. We considered calling him Duncan, but he would have needed a bowl of jetchup to dunk his chip.
Love You – “Love You” This description is all about the tilt of the seagull’s head as he came towards me. When I painted him on the canvas, it looked to me like he was saying “I Love You.”
Selfie – “Selfie! This is the precursor to “Photo Bomb.” These are two mates who decide; we are going to stick our faces in front of a camera.
Photo Bomb – “Photo Bomb” as the title describes, was a trendy thing to do. “Bombing” someone else’s Selfie photo to raise a laugh!-the idea was to have two seagulls ‘posing’ when something totally unrelated pops into the picture.
Yes You – “Yes You!” was my second Seagull painting. He and his mate “Whoe Me?” were the inspiration for the range of gulls. Their expressions make me laugh and I hope they, and all of the others, have the same effect on you. We have nick named them George and Steven, btw.
Who Me – “Who Me?” was my Seagull painting. He and his mate “Yes You!” were the inspiration for the range of gulls. Theirexpressionsmake me laughand I hope they, and all of the others, have the same effect on you. We have nicknamed them George and Steven, btw.
You Following Me? – “You Following Me?,” is my interpretation of a pair of twins, best friends, or indeed a double act. Like Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen (Flanagan and Allen), English music hall comedy and singing acts in the 30’s and 40’s. That’s why I named it “You Following Me”. The Gulls seem connected at the hip or almost magneticcaly attached to each other.
Smooth Criminal – “Smooth Criminal” reminds me of the Michael Jackson song. This song is about a young lady, who has been attacked in her apartment by a “smooth” assailant. I imagine the seagulls all standing on Brighton seafront or possibly standing on a table in a cafe waiting for their moment.

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 6 cm
Colour Blue
Brand Cherry Parsons
Material Polyester
Handle Rubberised Handle
Diameter 98cm
Ribs 8 x Fibreglass/ metal
Vented Not Vented
Steel Frame
Style Compact Telescopic
Open Type Auto Open and Close