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Kids Arch Support Insoles Pedag Orthotic Bambini Leather Footbed Childrens 3/4

A longitudinal arch support helps children's feet because it keeps the foot in a natural, balanced position.

Pedag Bambini actively protects the ankle joint and counteracts the deflection and deformation of the longitudinal arch preventing the development of flat feet.

The support offered by this product is a great relief for any child who is already suffering from pain associated with flat feet.

The supporting material is flexible and adaptive thereby strengthening all of the muscles in the foot.

3/4 Length foot bed made of vegetable tanned leather

Natural and hygenic materials allow the foot to breathe inside the shoe

Available in double sizes : 22/23 - 34/35

Childrens feet are very active and their plantar arch possesses a high degree of natural resilience and is extremely elastic. It is important to look after these little feet as they grow.

Ensure that you have ordered the correct size footbed and re-order as your childs feet grow.

Simply insert the insole into the back of the shoe and use the self adhesive pad to fix into place.

Relief should be immediate!

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