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Arch Support Insoles Orthotic SOLOS Leather Footbed 3/4 New Falling Arches Value
Introducing SOLOS Anti Stress 3/4 length arch supports

Highly vitalising 3/4 length supporting insole

Every step you take produces impact shock waves that pass your body. But not every shoe has enough room for a comfortable foot support. This special toe-free foot support is perfect for fashionable and tight-fitting shoes. It is shock absorbing and gently cushions the foot.

The foot support Solos Relax vitalises your feet in three ways. The anatomically shaped heel pad absorbs the shocks and cushions your heels. The support for the longitudinal arch keeps your foot in the right place. The metatarsal pad supports the transversal arch thus preventing the creation of splayfoot and alleviating the pain if you already suffer from it. Additionally, the smooth and breathable cowhide of the foot support optimally regulates the climate inside the shoe.

Solos Anti Stress makes you walk like on air. You'll never want to be without this foot support in tight-fitting and open shoes anymore!

Also available in full length, see our shop.

designed and manufactured in Germany.