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The longest laces on the web?

You may or may not know that here at 53 main street ( Gormley shoes) We are one of the biggest sellers of laces in the UK and Ireland! So to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the competition we've stuck to quality laces made in the EU (made in Co Donegal 😀 ) and made multitude of colours and lengths (our main laces listing on ebay has over 25 colours and sizes from 60 cm to 210cm .

But now in collaboration with our suppliers we have just launched our bespoke laces service, offering cut to size laces up to a whopping 5 metres in our two best selling colours black and yellow. The laces will come in our popular 5mm polyester cord laces with high quality metal aglets (lace tips) 

So with a bit a research we are now happy to say we have the only bespoke shoelaces service on eBay and the longest laces on the web 😀.


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