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Shoe Laces

You may not know this but we are one of the biggest sellers of shoe laces in the UK!

But how is this so you ask? Well it all started about 7 years ago when we began tentatively selling online and ebay to be specific. Back then it was a few select sizes and perhaps on black and brown. We began to notice that one lace is particular was streets ahead of the rest and that was the 210cm . This is an incredibly long lace at over 2 metres long and we guessed it maybe the lace of choice for Dr Marten boots, we very quickly went from a few dozen pairs sold to literally thousands of pairs. Having sourced our laces locally (From beautiful Donegal in fact) we began to experiment ! We figured if we could sell 210cm then perhaps we could sell 220cm? , 240cm? 260cm?  So where did we end up - An astounding 4 metre long lace . We believe its probably the longest lace out there and as well as black we do loads of colours  as well as our incredibly popular rainbow lace! So thats the short version of how we came to sell so many laces online, we added more colours and styles as we've gone along and we are always on the look out for more exciting styles and colours. So whether you need a fine waxy lace for your brogues, an oval pair for your trainers or football boots or a funky colour for your Dr martens changes are you will get them here !!

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